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Engine Reviews by Adrian Duncan
     "K" Vulture (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     1/2A Rarity—the ROC .049 (Adrian Duncan review)
     1066 Revisited—The Forgotten Ten-Sixty-Six Conqueror (Adrian Duncan review)
     Ace 0.5 cc Diesel (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Air-O Diesel (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Alag/Vella Brothers Story (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     AM .049's (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     AMCO 3.5 engines (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Amco 87 Mk I (Adrian Duncan review)
     Aptly-Named Classic: The Zeiss Pioneer 1 "U-Boat" (Adrian Duncan review)
     ARGO Elfin 249—Replica or What? (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     as related to Adrian Duncan by Luke Roy and Bill Husted (Adrian Duncan review)
     Baab-Fox .604 (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Before There Was Elfin... The Aerol Engines (Adrian Duncan review)
     Berkshire's Best—The A-S 55 (Adrian Duncan review)
     Bicycle-Spoke Frogs (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Boxer Engines (Adrian Duncan review)
     Bungay "High Speed" 600 (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     BWM Engines (Adrian Duncan review)
     CS "Oliver Twin" (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     DC Bantam (Adrian Duncan review)
     DC Tornado Twin (Adrian Duncan review)
     Diesel War that Never Was—Deezil vs. AHC (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Dooling Story, Part 1—Tether cars and the Dooling 61 (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Drone Diesel (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Early Fuji 29, or ROC 29, or What! (Adrian Duncan review)
     Early Years at Allbon (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     early years at MVVS: The Classic Glow-Plug Models (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     ED Mk III (by Adrian Duncan and Kevin Richards)
     ED Pep (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Elfin 50 (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Elfin Ball Race Models (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Feltham Fliers—the Rivers engines, Part I (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Feltham Fliers—the Rivers engines, Part II (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Forgotten American Pioneer—The Thermite Diesel (Adrian Duncan review) (a)
     Forgotten British Pioneer:The Majesco Range (Adrian Duncan review)
     FROG 349 (Adrian Duncan review)
     FROG 500 (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Frogs under 1cc (Adrian Duncan review)
     Fuji Chapter 1—Historical Background (Adrian Duncan review)
     Fuji Chapter 2—Fuji Corporate History (Adrian Duncan review)
     Fuji Chapter 3—Fuji in the Fifies; The "Classic" Fuji .099 Series (Adrian Duncan review)
     Fuji Chapter 4—The Classic Fuji 099 Series in the Sixties (Adrian Duncan review)
     Henri Baigent and the B.M.P. 3.5cc diesel (Adrian Duncan review)
     Hope Engine Part 5 (Adrian Duncan review)
     Hope Engines Part 1 (Adrian Duncan review)
     Hope Engines Part 2 (Adrian Duncan and Alan Strutt review)
     Hope Engines Part 3 (Adrian Duncan review)
     Hope Engines Part 4 (Adrian Duncan and Alan Strutt review)
     Hope Engines Summary Table
     Hornet Engines (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Japanese Long-Shaft Rarity: The Atsuta 19 (Adrian Duncan review)
     Kalper .32 (Adrian Duncan review)
     Katipo (Adrian Duncan review)
     Keilkraft Cobra 049 (Adrian Duncan review)
     Kemp 2cc Trio: The K Falcon, Kestrel, and Tornado (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Kemp and "K" Hawk (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     London Rarity—The Comet 0.4cc Diesel (Adrian Duncan review) (a)
     MARZ 2.5D (Adrian Duncan review)
     McCoy Diesels (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     MEC 1.2cc Mk IV Diesel (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Milford Mite: England's Worst Ever? (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Nordec 10 cc Motors: the "British McCoys" (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     OK Diesel Story (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Old Tunes On New Fiddles—The Enya 4-Stroke Diesels (Adrian Duncan review)
     OS 29 Twin-stack Ignition (Adrian Duncan review)
     OS Max 15 Diesel (Adrian Duncan review)
     Owat 5cc Diesel (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Rare Orientals—The TOP Engines (Adrian Duncan review)
     Reeves 3.4 cc Diesel (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Reeves H18 diesel (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Rescued from Obscurity—The Hill 3.4 cc Diesel (Adrian Duncan review)
     Rowell 60 Story (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Sky Shark 49 (Adrian Duncan review)
     Speed Demon 30 (Adrian Duncan review)
     Strong Motors 19 (Adrian Duncan review)
     Tale of Tuned Hornets (Adrian Duncan review) (a)
     Vltavan 2.5 (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Vltavan 5 (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Vltavan In-Line Twin (Adrian Duncan review)
     Wilsco 79 Diesel (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Yulon Engines (Adrian Duncan review) (the)

Hodgson "Ageless" Radials (the)
     Modifications for the Hodgson 9 Cylinder Radial, March 2005

AHC Diesel (the)
     AHC "Black Magic" FRV (the)
     AHC "Red Racer" RRV (the)
     AHC Diesel Production Line (the)
     AHC Diesel Prototype Development (the)
     Bernie Winston on the GHQ

ED Baby Project
     ED Baby Project Page 1
     ED Baby Project Page 2
     ED Baby Project Page 3
     ED Baby Project Page 4

Brisbane Free Flight Society
     Brisbane Free Flight Society 1999
     Brisbane Free Flight Society 2000
     Brisbane Free Flight Society 2001
     Brisbane Free Flight Society 2002
     Brisbane Free Flight Society 2003
     Brisbane Free Flight Society: Author!
     Brisbane Free Flight Society: Contest Calendar 2001
     Brisbane Free Flight Society: Members 2001
     Brisbane Free Flight Society: Members' Plans
     FAI Free Flight Model Classes

BollAero 1.8 Gallery

Model Engine Reviews
     1938 Deller 1cc Spark
     Aero 35 In-line Piston Engine
     Allbon Javelin
     Allen Engineering "AE" Engines
     Allen Mercury "AM" Range
     Allouchery 1.25
     Arden Super Atom
     Atwood Silver Crown 15cc Special
     B-51 Marine Diesel
     Barbini B40 Tesa Rosa
     Bonnier 5 cc
     Buchmann Mk III 0.6cc
     Burford GB 50 Diesel (the)
     Chunn Twin
     Clan 0.9cc Diesel
     David-Andersen 246 Mk II
     DC Bambi
     DC Manxman
     DC Merlin
     Delmo 5 cc Diesel
     ED "Bee" Series I and II (the)
     ED 1.46 "Hornet"
     ED Baby 0.46cc Diesel
     ED Story (the)
     ED Story (the)
     ED Story - Model Engines (the)
     ED Story - Radio Control Units (the)
     Elf "Pipe" Twin
     Elf Reed Valve 4
     Elfin 149
     Elfin 149 Twin Ball Race
     ETA "5"
     ETA 29
     Feeney Four-Stroke
     Fox .35 "Stunt"
     G-Mark .12 Opposed Twin
     G9 (aka "Belmont" and "IMP G9")
     Gannet 15
     Gannet 15cc 4-stroke by Peter Chinn (the)
     Glow Chief 36
     GP II
     Hiness Two-Stroke Radial
     Hybrid Hornet
     Jensen Channel Island Special
     Johnson J-BB 36
     Keil K6
     Kemp K4
     Knight One-cylinder Motor
     Lobbock Midge side-port diesel
     M.E. Heron
     Mamiya 60 Ignition
     Maraget 3 cc
     Micron .28
     Micron .21 Rear Exhaust
     Micron .60 Ignition
     Micron 2.5
     Micron 2.8 cc Diesel
     Micron 5cc Fixed Compression Diesel
     Micron Moustique 0.35 cc
     Miles Special 5cc Mk2 Glow
     Mills 2.4
     Mills Bros 1.3 Mk I
     Mills P75 and S75
     Miss EeDee and the 1951 Channel Crossing
     MK 17
     ML Dragonfly Twin
     Model Shop (Newcastle) 1.2 cc (the)
     Model Two-Stroke Radials
     Morton M42
     Nalon Viper
     Oliver Tiger Cub Schnurle
     Original Mills History (the)
     PAL 55
     Pepperell 7/16 Diesel
     Pepperell Seven-Sixteenth Diesel
     Philtech Single Cylinder Engines
     PMC IMP
     Polymechanique 2 cc Ignition
     Reeves .36
     Rogers & Geary Wasp
     Sirocco 0.98 cc
     Speed Demon
     Stab 2.7 cc Ignition
     Taipan 2.5 TBR "Goldhead"
     Taipan Mk 7 2.5cc S64PB
     Taipan Series 13 2.5 Diesel
     Taipan Series 66 Diesel
     Taipan Series 67 Glow
     Tarantula nine cylinder two-stroke radial.
     Vega 30
     Yin-Yan Diesels

     Mills Bros. Serial Numbering and Production Figures

BJ Cicada 1.36 Gallery

Building the deHavilland Cirrus Mk I
     Cirrus Construction Log: Camshaft
     Cirrus Construction Log: Conrods
     Cirrus Construction Log: Crankcase
     Cirrus Construction Log: Crankshaft
     Cirrus Construction Log: Cylinder Head
     Cirrus Construction Log: Cylinder Head
     Cirrus Construction Log: Cylinder Head
     Cirrus Construction Log: Cylinder Studs
     Cirrus Construction Log: Cylinders
     Cirrus Construction Log: Exhaust Manifold
     Cirrus Construction Log: Inlet Manifold
     Cirrus Construction Log: Pistons and Rings
     Cirrus Construction Log: Valve Gear

Model and Full Size Aircraft, buy, sell, trade
     Buy or Trade: Items Wanted
     MECA Codes
     rare and out of print books
     Experimental Aircraft
     engines US$
     Model airplane kits

Model Engine Development Part 1
     1/2A Team Racing Support Page
     ED Super Fury tested by David Owen
     Frog 349 Reviews for Model Engine Development Series
     Model Engine Development Part 2
     Model Engine Development Part 3
     Model Engine Development Part 4
     Model Engine Development Part 5
     Model Engine Development Part 6
     Model Engine Development Part 7
     Model Engine Development Part 8
     Model Engine Development Part 9
     Oliver Production by Gordon Cornell
     Product Review: ICE Version 1.7

Schroeder/Gotham Hobby "Deezil" (the)

Building the Delong .29 Diesel

Engine Collection of Miguel deRancougne (the)
     Engine Collection of Miguel deRancougne (the)

Model Engine News Design Center
     BOOST PORTS by R Kinnersly
     Cam Lift Calculator
     Cam Lift Calculator Mk II
     Engine Review Hirtenberger HP .61 R/C by PGF Chinn
     Hot Engine Design by Edward D Ingram
     Kitting Up To Make Model IC Engines, Part 1
     Model Engine Design (1): The Schroeder Simple Single 049
     Model Engine Design (2): The Schroeder Victor 09
     Model Engine Design (3): The Owen MATE DIY 2cc Diesel
     Model Engine Design (4): The Dean 2.5cc Diesel
     Model Engine Design (5): Roy L Clough Jr's Little Dragon
     Model Engine Design (6): The Gordon Alpha 0.5cc Diesel
     Model Engine Design (7): MAN SIMPLEX 29
     Model Engine Design: Beginner Engine Projects
     Modern Deflectorless Two-Stroke Engine (a)
     Engine Timing Calculators
          MEN ONLY
          Two-Stroke FRV Timing Calculator
          Two-Stroke RRV Timing Calculator
          Two-Stroke Side-Port Timing Calculator

David Jansen's Model Engine Profiles Index
     Aero 35 Horizontal Piston Engine (Janson Review)
     Bantam .60 Twin (Janson review)
     C.I.E. Diesel 10 (Janson review)
     DC Tornado Twin (Janson review)
     Duke of Fort Smith; A Few Comments About Him And His Fox Twin 1.2 R/C Engine (Janson review) (the)
     Dunham Orwick 64 Replica (Janson review)
     Fitzpatrick 60 (Janson review)
     GHQ .517 (Janson review)
     Graupner-OS Wankle (Janson review)
     Herkimer 1.208 Twin (Janson review)
     Hiness Arrow 60 (Janson review)
     Ivor F's Instructions for the Sesqui
     Maloney 100 (Janson review)
     Mamiya 60 Ignition (Janson review)
     Mite 098 Diesel (Janson review)
     Nordec 60 (Janson review)
     Northfield-Ross Power Four (Janson review)
     OS type 6 (K6) Ignition Engine (Janson review)
     PAL 55 (Janson review)
     PAW .29 (Janson review)
     Sesqui (Janson review)
     Skylark (Janson review)
     Strong 45 Twin (Janson review)
     Super Cyclone 60 (Janson review)
     Taipan 40 R/C (Janson review)
     Taplin Twin Mk III (Janson review)
     Technopower-II (Janson review)
     THOR B (Janson review)
     Tlush 61 (Janson review)
     Zimmerman DH Cirrus Mk I (Janson review)

Workshop Hints and Tips by DUPLEX
     Laps and Lapping by "Duplex"
     Micrometer Stands by "Duplex"

     Shower of Elfs (a)
     Elf 10 Diesel
     Eric Offen's Elfs

Index to Published Model Engine Reviews
     About the Model Engine Reviews Index
     Comparison of Model Engine Reviews

Edgar T Westbury Tribute Page
     Biography: Edgar Thomas Westbury
     Curious Old Gas Engine by ET Westbury (a)
     ETW on the Inside-out Rotary
     IC Engine Designs of ET Westbury (the)
     Model Petrol Engines: Systeme Loyal, by ETW
     Napier "Deltic" Engine by ET Westbury (the)
     Opposed-Piston Gas Engine by ET Westbury (the)
     Steam and Stirling Engine Designs of ET Westbury (the)
     Westbury Ensign
     Model Petrol Engines (by ETW)
     Westbury Atom Minor Mk III
          Building the Atom Minor Mk III
          Building the Atom Minor Mk III: Contact Breaker
          Building the Atom Minor Mk III: Crankcase
          Building the Atom Minor Mk III: Crankshaft
          Building the Atom Minor Mk III: Cylinder Barrel
          Building the Atom Minor Mk III: Cylinder Head
          Building the Atom Minor Mk III: Final Assembly
          Building the Atom Minor Mk III: Main Bearing Housing
          Building the Atom Minor Mk III: Propellor Hub
          Building the Atom Minor Mk III: Rear Endplate
          Building the Atom Minor Mk III: Rotary Disc Valve
          Building the Atom Minor Mk III: The Conrod
          Building the Atom Minor Mk III: The Piston
     Balancing Small Engines by ET Westbury: Index
          Balancing Small Engines by ET Westbury: Page 1
          Balancing Small Engines by ET Westbury: Page 2
          Balancing Small Engines by ET Westbury: Page 3
     ETW Kestrel Article
          Kestrel 5cc Two-stroke Engine - Page 0 (the)
          Kestrel 5cc Two-stroke Engine - Page 1 (the)
          Kestrel 5cc Two-stroke Engine - Page 2 (the)
          Kestrel 5cc Two-stroke Engine - Page 3 (the)
          Kestrel 5cc Two-stroke Engine - Page 4 (the)
          Kestrel 5cc Two-stroke Engine - Page 5 (the)
          Kestrel 5cc Two-stroke Engine - Page 6 (the)
          Kestrel 5cc Two-stroke Engine - Page 7 (the)
          Kestrel 5cc Two-stroke Engine - Page 8 (the)
          Kestrel 5cc Two-stroke Engine - Page 9 (the)
          Kestrel 5cc Two-stroke Engine - Page 10 (the)
          Kestrel 5cc Two-stroke Engine - Page 11 (the)
     ETW Kinglet Article
          Kinglet 5cc Four-stroke Engine - Page 0 (the)
          Kinglet 5cc Four-stroke Engine - Page 1 (the)
          Kinglet 5cc Four-stroke Engine - Page 2 (the)
          Kinglet 5cc Four-stroke Engine - Page 3 (the)
          Kinglet 5cc Four-stroke Engine - Page 4 (the)
          Kinglet 5cc Four-stroke Engine - Page 5 (the)
          Kinglet 5cc Four-stroke Engine - Page 6 (the)
          Kinglet 5cc Four-stroke Engine - Page 7 (the)
          Kinglet 5cc Four-stroke Engine - Page 8 (the)
          Kinglet 5cc Four-stroke Engine - Page 9 (the)
          Kinglet 5cc Four-stroke Engine - Page 10 (the)
     Westbury Kiwi
          Building a Westbury Kiwi
          History of the Westbury Kiwi
     ETW IC Road Roller Article
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 0 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 1 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 2 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 3 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 4 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 5 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 6 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 7 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 8 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 9 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 10 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 11 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 12 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 13 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 14 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 15 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 16 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 17 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 18 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 19 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 20 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 21 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 22 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 23 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 24 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 25 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 26 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 27 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 28 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 29 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 30 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 31 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 32 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 33 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 34 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 35 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 36 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 37 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 38 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 39 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 40 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 41 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 42 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 43 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 44 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 45 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 46 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 47 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 48 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 49 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 50 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 51 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 52 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 53 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 54 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 55 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 56 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 57 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 58 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 59 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 60 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 61 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 62 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 63 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 64 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 65 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 66 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 67 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 68 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 69 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 70 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 71 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 72 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 73 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 74 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 75 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 76 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 77 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 78 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 79 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 80 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 81 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 82 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 83 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 84 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 85 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 86 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 87 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 88 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 89 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 90 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 91 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 92 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 93 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 94 (a)
          Working Model Road Roller - Page 79a (a)
     Westbury Seagull 10cc Side-valve
          Seagull 10cc Twin four-stroke - Page 0 (the)
          Seagull 10cc Twin four-stroke - Page 1 (the)
          Seagull 10cc Twin four-stroke - Page 2 (the)
          Seagull 10cc Twin four-stroke - Page 3 (the)
          Seagull 10cc Twin four-stroke - Page 4 (the)
     ETW Seamew Article
          Seamew - 5cc air cooled side-valve - Page 0
          Seamew - 5cc air cooled side-valve - Page 1
          Seamew - 5cc air cooled side-valve - Page 2
          Seamew - 5cc air cooled side-valve - Page 3
          Seamew - 5cc air cooled side-valve - Page 4

Tom Crompton's EZE Engine Series
     Building the EZE-1
     Building the EZE-2
     Building the EZE-3
     Building the EZE-RV
     Tom Crompton's Comments

Frequently Asked Questions on Model IC Engine Construction
     Kerosine, Kerosene, and Paraffin
     Miniature Engine Fuels
     Operating Fixed Compression Diesels
     Starting a Variable Compression Diesel

Building the Feeney 15cc Four-stroke
     Feeney Construction Log Page 2
     Feeney Construction Log Page 3
     Feeney Construction Log Page 4
     Feeney Construction Log Page 5
     Feeney Construction Log Page 6
     Feeney Construction Log Page 7
     Feeney Construction Log Page 8
     Feeney Construction Log Page 9

Model Engine Gallery Index
     DC Horizontally opposed Twin (glow)
     ETW Seagull built by Graham Meek
     Fisher Auction Results, April 2006
     Harold Kemp - Model Engine Maker
     Model Engine Gallery Page 1
     Model Engine Gallery Page 2
     Model Engine Gallery Page 3
     Model Engine Gallery Page 4
     Model Engine Gallery Page 6
     Model Engine Gallery Page 7
     Model Engine Gallery Page 8
     Model Engine Gallery Page 9
     Model Engine Gallery Page 10
     Model Engine Gallery Page 11
     Model Engine Gallery Page 12
     Model Engine Gallery Page 13
     Model Engine Gallery Page 14
     Model Engine Gallery Page 15
     Model Engine Gallery Page 16
     Model Engine Gallery Page 17
     Model Engine Gallery Page 19
     Model Engine Gallery Page 18 - Elmer Wall Tribute
     Model Engine Gallery Page 5 - Les Stone Tribute Page
     Ronald Godfrey Moulton - London Daily Telegraph obituary
     RW 29 (the)
     RW 5cc G32 (the)
     Small Petrol Engine built by Iain L Holland
     Engines at old Warden
          Pascoe Sleeve Valve Radial
          Barrington Hares' Rolls Royce Eagle
          Midlands ME show 2001
          Midlands ME show 2002
          Midlands ME show 2003
          Pascoe Sleeve Valve Six
          PE Norman's Sparkie
          Model Engines at Old Warden, 2001
     Harrogate Model Engineering Exhibition 2000
          highly talented Mr Bramwell and his engines (the)
     Albert Hutton Olympus engine (the)
     Engines of Allan Roberts (the)
     Model IC Engines by Russell Watson-Will

Workshop Hints and Tips by GEOMETER
     Cams and valve gear by Geometer
     Engine Construction Details by Geometer
     Flash Steam Plant by F.J. Camm (a)
     Machining a Small Piston (1) by "Geometer"
     Machining a Small Piston (2) by "Geometer"
     Machining and finishing CAMS by Geometer
     Piston Patterns and Core Boxes by "Geometer"
     Points About Poppet Valves by "Geometer"
     Producing Tangential Cams by Geometer
     Reboring a Cylinder by "Geometer"
     Valve Seatings by "Geometer"

Gig Eifflaender Tribute Page
     J.G. (Gig) Eifflaender

Building the Little Dragon
     Building the Little Dragon Page 1
     Building the Little Dragon Page 2
     Building the Little Dragon Page 3
     Building the Little Dragon Page 4
     Building the Little Dragon Page 7
     Building the Little Dragon, Page 5
     Building the Little Dragon, Page 6
     Building the Little Dragon, Page 8

Building the Morton M5: Index
     Building the Morton M5: Fully Machined Parts
     Building the Morton M5: Original Morton Parts
     Building the Morton M5: Vernal Engineering Parts
     M5 Construction Log
     Morton M5 Radial (the)

Building the MAN .19 - 1. Index
     Building the MAN .19 - 2. Introduction
     Building the MAN .19 - 3. Crankcase
     Building the MAN .19 - 4. Crankshaft
     Building the MAN .19 - 5. Cylinder
     Building the MAN .19 - 6. Backplate and Valve
     Building the MAN .19 - 7. Breaking-in
     Building the MAN .19 - 8. Glow Head and Reed Valve
     MAN .19 Gallery (the)

Building the David Owen "Mate" 2 cc DIY Diesel
     David Owen's 2010: An Engine Odyssey, England
     David Owen's 2010: An Engine Odyssey, The Continent
     MATE D.I.Y. 2cc Diesel Engine Machining Instructions Index
     MATE D.I.Y. 2cc Instructions: Bushing, Venturi, Backplate
     MATE D.I.Y. 2cc Instructions: Conrod, Wrist-pin
     MATE D.I.Y. 2cc Instructions: Construction Introduction
     MATE D.I.Y. 2cc Instructions: Cooling Head
     MATE D.I.Y. 2cc Instructions: Crankcase
     MATE D.I.Y. 2cc Instructions: Crankshaft
     MATE D.I.Y. 2cc Instructions: Cylinder
     MATE D.I.Y. 2cc Instructions: Imperial Conversion
     MATE D.I.Y. 2cc Instructions: Needle Valve Assembly
     MATE D.I.Y. 2cc Instructions: Pistons and Lapping
     MATE D.I.Y. 2cc Instructions: Timing and Assembly

Motor Boys International
     Motor Boys Plans Book
     Model Boys' Shops
          Model Engineer's Workshop: Andrew Coholic
          Model Engineer's Workshop: Bert Striegler
          Model Engineer's Workshop: David Owen
          Model Engineer's Workshop: Eric Offen
          Model Engineer's Workshop: Ken Croft
          Model Engineer's Workshop: Les Stone
          Model Engineer's Workshop: Roger Schroeder
          Model Engineer's Workshop: Ron Chernich
          Model Engineer's Workshop: Tim Dannels

Model Engine News Members Page
     Model Engine News Update Downloads (generated)

Model Engineering
     Anodizing for Amateurs
     Four Facet Sharpening of Small Twist Drills
     Model Engineering Projects
     How-To Remove Broken Taps, or Making and Using a Basic EDM
          Making and Using a Basic EDM Page 1: EDM Designs
          Making and Using a Basic EDM Page 2: Electronics
          Making and Using a Basic EDM Page 3: Mechanics
          Making and Using a Basic EDM Page 4: Plumbing
          Making and Using a Basic EDM Page 5: Operation
          Making and Using a Basic EDM Page 6: Conclusions and References
     QUORN Cutter Grinder
          D.H. Chaddock - Model Engineer
          Drill Sharpening On The Quorn
          Drill Sharpening On The Quorn (2)
          Quorn Materials
          Quorn Materials
          Quorn Parts Reference
          Rank Beginner Builds the QUORN Universal Cutter and Toolgrinder (a)
     Building the George H Thomas Universal Pillar Tool
          Bench Stand for Micrometers (a)
          GHT UPT Construction Log: Arms
          GHT UPT Construction Log: Ball Handles
          GHT UPT Construction Log: Base and Pillar
          GHT UPT Construction Log: Bring out the Finish
          GHT UPT Construction Log: Bring out the Finish
          GHT UPT Construction Log: Table
          GHT UPT Construction Log: Tooling and Accessories

Building the ML Midge Diesel

M&M Ignition Engine (1939)
     Building the 1939 M&M .29 Ignition Engine

Thorning Monsunen

Building The "Nano" Miniture IC CI Model Engine
     Building The Clanford "Clan" Miniture IC CI Model Engine

NOVA-1 Side Port Diesel (the)
     History of the NOVA-1 Side Port Diesel
     NOVA-1 Side Port Spark Ignition (the)

Owen Engines Australia

Pachasa Air Engine (1928)
     Pachasa Air Engine Building Instructions

Peter Burford's Miniature Diesel
     Gordon Burford Tribute - Shoalhaven 2000 NATS Brochure

Model Engine and Model Engineering People of Note
     Aerol Engineering
     Alan L Allbon
     Albert Hutton Tribute Page
     Allan Roberts Tribute Page
     America's Hobby Center (AHC)
     Arne Hende Tribute Page
     Arnold Lewis Hardinge Tribute Page
     Barrington Hares Tribute Page
     Basil Miles
     Ben Shereshaw
     Bert Streigler Tribute Page
     Bill Atwood
     Bill Brown Tribute Page
     Bill Wisniewski Tribute Page
     Bob Palmer Tribute Page
     Bob Washburn Tribute Page
     Brian Perkins Tribute Page
     Dan Calkin Tribute Page
     Dave Bramwell Tribute Page
     David Janson Tribute Page
     David Owen Tribute Page
     David Stanger Tribute Page
     Davies-Charlton Ltd Tribute Page
     Dennis Chaddock Tribute Page
     Dennis Fadden Tribute Page
     Dick McCoy Tribute Page
     Dislers, Maris
     Duke Fox
     Dynamic Models Inc
     EC "Ted" Martin
     Edgar T Westbury Tribute Page
     Electronic Developments (ED) Ltd Tribute Page
     Elmer Wall
     Eric Offen Tribute Page
     Eric Whittle Tribute Page
     FCB Marshall Tribute Page
     Frank Ellis (1909-2003), Elfin Manufacturer
     George H Thomas
     Gerald Smith Tribute Page
     Gig Eifflaender Tribute Page
     Gordon Burford Tribute Page
     Gordon Cornell Tribute Page
     Hamilton Upshur
     Harold Kemp Tribute Page
     Harry Fjellström
     HH Groves Tribute Page
     International Model Aircraft (FROG)
     Ivan Rogstadius Tribute Page
     Ivor F Tribute Page
     Jerry Howell Tribute Page
     Ken Croft Tribute Page
     Lawerence H Sparey Tribute Page
     Les Chenery Tribute Page
     Les Stone Tribute Page
     Low Speed Aerodynamics Research Association (LSARA) (the)
     Majesco Miniature Motors
     Malcolm Stride
     Mel Anderson
     Miguel deRancougne Tribute Page
     Mike Clanford Tribute Page
     Mills Brothers
     PE Norman Tribute Page
     Peter Burford Tribute Page
     Peter Chinn Tribute Page
     Peter Fisher Tribute Page
     Phil Smith Tribute Page
     Ray Arden Tribute Page
     Reginald Denny
     Robert Reder Tribute Page
     Roger J Schroeder Tribute Page
     Ron Chernich Tribute Page
     Ron Moulton Tribute Page
     Ron Warring Tribute Page
     Russell Watson-Will Tribute Page
     Saburo Enya Tribute Page
     Sam and Lee Hodgson Tribute Page
     Tim Dannels Tribute Page
     Tom Crompton Tribute Page
     Tom Pascoe Tribute Page
     Vic Smeed Tribute Page
     Wen-Mac Inc
     Duke's Mixture Index
          Duke's Mixture, August 1987: Optimising nitromethane content in fuel
          Duke's Mixture, August 1989: On glow fuel
          Duke's Mixture, December 1988: On crankcase "stuffing"
          Duke's Mixture, January 1989: Engine hesitation under acceleration
          Duke's Mixture, January 1991: It Went Lean On Me
          Duke's Mixture, June 1988: Bearings etc
          First Successful Pipe
          Wisniewski's Pipe Article, MAN, March, 1967
          Wisniewski's Workshop (1)
          Wisniewski's Workshop (2)
          Wisniewski's Workshop (3)
          Wisniewski's Workshop (4)

Model Engine News Members Plans

Pacific Rim Model Engineering Show 1999 (the)

Production Engine Picture Sets
     1066 Products Falcon
     10cc Garden Island Special (the)
     1989 Movo D2 Reproduction
     Airplan Normandie
     Alan McCulloch's Model Engines
     AM 25 Mk I
     Arne Hende's Reproductions and Miniatures
     Austral Tornado (the)
     Australian OLDS 10cc Ignition (the)
     Australian WAREL 2.5cc Diesel (the)
     Barbini B40 Testa Nera
     BMP 09
     Dart: 31 years of double top diesel history (the)
     Delta 490
     DS 1.3 R/C Diesel
     Dunham Orwick 29 Diesel
     Dunham Valkyrie
     Dynamic 049
     Eldon by Hawk
     Elfin 50
     Enya 15 D II
     Enya 60 Marine
     ETA 15
     Fergusson Condor
     Hallam Junior 29cc
     Hallum 9.5cc Petrol Engine
     Helium C6
     Helium MB6
     K Eagle (deprecated)
     K Falcon
     K Hawk
     K Kestrel
     K Vulture
     Kalper Construction Details
     Kemp and K 1 cc models (Adrian Duncan review) (the)
     Kubus 1,5cc
     Laser 61
     Leesil 2.4cc diesel
     Letter to Model Engine World Regarding Paul Bugl
     Majesco Mite
     Mancini M20 diesel
     Micron 60
     Miles Special 10cc Marine
     Mk 14
     Mk 12c
     Movo D2
     Orwick 1951 Glow Engines
     Osam 5cc Diesel (Italy)
     Půrok-Bušek 2,0
     Pete Buskell's Engine Designs
     Pfeffer 1,15cc BB
     Phantom P30
     Puma Elfin 2.49 Repro (Chris Murphy review)
     Rawlings R18
     Rawlings R30
     Retro 2,5cc
     Retro Twin
     Roach/Satra R1830 Radial
     Robbe Twin Cylinder Diesel (Marine)
     Rustler Merco Metamorph 60
     SiM 2b
     Stab 1,25cc Diesel
     Stuart AE
     Super Scrapper
     Technopower Powermax 7 Radial
     Titan 60
     Veco 29
     Veco 35C
     Westbury Kestrel
     Yulon 29

Model IC Engine Construction Projects Index
     Schroeder Original Ohlsson (the)
     Westbury Whippet Project
          Westbury Whippet Construction Log: Page 1
          Westbury Whippet Construction Log: Page 2
          Westbury Whippet Construction Log: Page 3
          Westbury Whippet Construction Log: Page 4
          Westbury Whippet Construction Log: Page 5
          Westbury Whippet Construction Log: Page 6
          Westbury Whippet Construction Log: Page 7
          Westbury Whippet Construction Log: Page 8
          Westbury Whippet Construction Log: Page 9
          Westbury Whippet Construction Log: Page 10
          Westbury Whippet Construction Log: Page 11

Model IC Engine Restorations
     1960 Taipan 1.5 Restoration
     Adrian Duncan's Hope B Restoration
     Curry Mills Repair Job (a)
     Frog Vibromatic Restoration
     Glow Chief 19
     Home Shop Anodizing Results
     Making Conrods for Model Engines
     ME Heron Restoration
     Oliver Tiger Cub Restoration
     Taipan "Bubble Pack" 1.5 Restoration
     Taipan 2.5 cc "Blue Head" Restoration
     Taipan Tyro Diesel (the)
     Yet More Taipan Restorations

Ivan Rogstadius: Swedish Model Engine Pioneer
     First All-Swedish Diesel-powered Model Plane (the)
     Here Comes the Miniature Diesel by Ivan Rogstadius (translation by Lars Gustafsson)

Classic Model Airplane Engine Kits
     Roger Schroeder's Classic Engine Kits Catalogue
     Schroeder on Model Engine Building

Building the Schroeder 09
     Schroeder 09 Machining Instructions Index
     Schroeder 09 Machining Instructions page 1
     Schroeder 09 Machining Instructions page 2
     Schroeder 09 Machining Instructions page 3
     Schroeder 09 Machining Instructions page 4
     Schroeder 09 Machining Instructions page 5
     Schroeder 09 Machining Instructions page 6

San Diego Air and Space Museum (the)

Model Shows, Exhibitions and Museums
     75th Model Engineer Exhibition (2005)
     Bristol Model Engineering Show 2004
     77th Model Engineer Exhibition (2007)
     Model Engineer Exhibition, Ascot, 2008
     Bristol Model Engineering Show 2006
     Cabin Fever 2011
     Harrogate Model Engineering Exhibition 2010
     Harrogate Model Engineering Exhibition 2006
     Harrogate Model Engineering Exhibition 2009
     London Model Engineer Exhibition 2006
     London Model Engineering Exhibition 2007
     Midland Model Engineeing Exhibition 2004
     Midland Model Engineeing Exhibition 2005
          Gerald Smith Collection (the)
     NAMES 2007
     NAMES 2009
     PRIME 1997
     QSMEE Trophy Day 2011

Lawerence H Sparey Tribute Page
     Building the Millennium Edition Sparey .8cc (sic)
     Building the Sparey 5cc Diesel
     Building the Sparey Inline Twin Diesel
     David Stanger - Model Aviation Pioneer
     HH Groves - Model Aviation Pioneer

Schroeder Simple Twin

Stuart Steam Engines

Sugden Special (the)
     Building the Sugden Special

W-Hobby Superba 2220 F1A (A2) kit (the)

Building the Taplin Twin Prototype Replica

Brisbane Thunderbirds Model Aero Club
     Venturis, More on, by Alwyn Smith

Techniques for Model IC Engine Building
     Cam Grinding Machines
     Cylinder/piston Material Selection for Model Engines
     How To Broach Square Holes
     How To Grind Needles for NVAs
     How To Insert Threaded Inserts
     How To Knurl Prop Drivers
     How To Machine Cooling Head Fins
     How To Machine Crankcases for Ball-races
     How To Machine Crankshafts
     How To Maintain Your Digital Vernier
     How To Make a (not very efective) Throttle
     How To Make a Simple Gasket Punch
     How To Make and Use Cylinder Hones
     How To make Cams for Small Four-stroke Engines
     How To Make Needle Valves and Spray Bars
     How To Make Piston Rings
     How To Make Really Small Diesel Engines
     How To Make Skew Gears
     How To Measure Model Engine Performance
     How To Photograph Your Engine
     How To Remove a Stuck Chuck
     How To Remove Rust
     How To Solder a washer to piano wire
     How To Stop Your Comp Screw Wandering
     How To Tighten Head Bolts
     How To Time a FRV
     How To Turn a Curve of Large Radius
     How To Turn Down to a Small Diameter, Unsupported
     How To Turn Harmonic Cams
     How To use the putting-on tool
     How To Wire Up A Sparkie
     How To Work With Cast Pistons
     How To: Select a Prop for Classic C/L Models
     Making a crankcase pattern for sand casting
     Making Cams
     Workholding with Pot-Chucks

Tiny SUPER 12.7cc Spark Ignition Two-Stroke by JC Magee


Vernal Engineering
     Morton M5 Parts and Price List
     Pratt&Whitney R-1830 Parts and Price List
     Super-Morton 2 Parts and Price List
     Vernal Catalogue: Page 2
     Vernal Catalogue: Page 4
     Vernal Catalogue: page 5

Vivell diesel engines (the)

Model engines of unknown origin; Index
     Model engines of unknown origin: Page 1
     Model engines of unknown origin: Page 2
     Model engines of unknown origin: Page 3
     Model engines of unknown origin: Page 4
     Model engines of unknown origin: Page 5
     Model engines of unknown origin: Page 6
     Model engines of unknown origin: Page 7
     Model engines of unknown origin: Page 8

Weaver Construction Log
     Weaver Construction Log Page 1
     Weaver Construction Log Page 2
     Weaver Construction Log Page 3
     Weaver Construction Log Page 4
     Weaver Construction Log Page 5
     Weaver Construction Log Page 6
     Weaver Construction Log Page 7

     Engine Finder
     Information about Ron Chernich
     Links to IC engine, model engineering and related sites
     MEN ONLY Order Form
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