The Albert Hutton Olympus Racing Engine

Created: April, 2009.

This is the Olympus high performance racing engine designed, built, and developed over a forty year period by the late Albert Hutton. Originally conceived as a powerplant for a model hydroplane, it somehow evolved into an experimental unit with more testing and development that was ever envisaged at the start. For more details regarding the engine, its builder, and its development, see the Bibliography at the end of this page.

The engine is currently in the care of MEN Member, Dave Sage (Mississauga, Canada), who has kindly provided the photos that appear below. In 2007, Dave was given costodianship of the engine by Albert's daughter, Elaine Hutton-Willcock. He set about carefully restored the engine by replacing perishable items such as hoses and seals, ultimately returning the engine to its full running glory. Dave now takes the engine to major Model Engineering exhibitions in Canada and the USA where he demonstrates it, drawing large, appreciative large crowds.

Capacity:30 cc

Mar 1974First test, SOHC, low compression pistons, single SU carburettor2.5 bhp @ 15,000 rpm
Dec 1974High compression pistons, single carburettor3.25 bhp @ 17,000 rpm
Apr 1975High compression pistons, single carburettor3.8 bhp @ 17,000 rpm
Nov 1976Dual SU carburettors4.04 bhp @ 17,000 rpm
Feb 1978Sual SU carburettors, enlarged exhaust ports and valves, new plugs4.35 bhp @ 19,400 rpm
Apr 1981Four Weber carburettors, retuned (shortened) exhaust pipes5.1 bhp @ 20,500 rpm
Nov 1986New DOHC 16 valve cylinder head, four Weber carburettors, long inlet manifolds, "wilder" cam timing5.98 bhp @ 22,500 rpm
Ref: Model Engineer, Vol 160, Issue 3826, p653.

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