Basil Miles

(19xx - 1990)

Basil Miles was the chief engine designer for Electronic Developments Ltd from 1951 through 1953, continuing on a casual consulting basis until 1957. He was never a shareholder in ED as were many of the founders. His designs for ED were the Racer, Hunter (as pictured with Basil above), and the first Fury. After his design role with the company ended, he continued an association with then through their distribution and promotion of his 5cc "Miles Special". This robust engine was availabe as glow or diesel, in both aero and marine variants. Working from his home in a small villiage called Ewell, not far from Chessington and Surbition, he also produced a smaller number of 3.5cc diesels to the same basic layout, and a cross-flow 10cc glow marine engine. The largest model engine he produced was a 30cc marine glow, though he also made full size motor cycle engines and the cycles to go with them.