Arne Hende's Reproductions and Miniatures

Created: February 2007
Updated: April 2007, Feb 2008, Jan 2010, Sep 2010.

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This page is a tribute to Arne Hende and the all the reproduction and original model engines he produced. Arne knew what collectors wanted, who was capable of doing the work to the high standard he demanded, and who could deliver reliably at a price the buyers would be happy with. He designed the special modifications and features, managed the production runs and performed quality checks and inspections. So while you could not precisely say that he "built" all these engines, without him they would certainly not exist and that is close enough to being the real builder for most. Today his engines are highly prized by those lucky enough to posses them.

To the best of our collective wisdom—or lack thereof—the engines made by Arne were:

  • Amco 3.5cc BB diesel, full-size reproduction
  • Amco 3.5cc BB glow
  • Bantam .16, full size reproduction
  • Cave Cobra ignition, full-size reproduction
  • Chun Chum ignition, 1938, full-size reproduction
  • D-A 2.5cc Eccentric, full-size reproduction
  • Dooling 61 ignition, full-size reproduction (9 and 10 fin versions)
  • 09 size mini-Dooling 61 glow ("Jr Dooling")
  • 09 size mini-Dooling 61 diesel
  • 09 size mini-Dooling 61 diesel for Phantom racing
  • 038 size mini-Dooling 29 glow ("Baby Dooling")
  • 037 size mini-Drone Diesel (three models)
  • Dyno 2cc diesel, full-size reproduction
  • 060 size mini-Dyno diesel (some with spinner plain, some anodized black, or gold)
  • 010 size micro-Dyno diesel
  • EPC Moth .85cc diesel, full-size reproduction
  • Eisfeld 2.5cc diesel, full-size reproduction
  • Eisfeld 5cc diesel, full-size reproduction
  • 1cc mini-Eisfeld diesel
  • Most versions of Dan Calkin's Elfs including the "Corncob", "Goose-egg 4", etc and an inline twin Calkin never thought of!
  • Elfin 0.5cc diesel, full-size reproduction
  • Fox 59 "Long Shaft" ignition, full-size reproduction
  • 09 size mini-Fox 59 "Long Shaft" ignition
  • K&B 15, Series 64. Diesel-ized (note ratchet on comp screw)
  • .32cc size mini-Kalper diesel
  • Komet 10, full-size reproduction
  • Leja 4-cycle, full-size reproduction
  • McCoy 60 Series 20 ignition, full-size reproduction
  • 09 size mini-McCoy 60 glow
  • 09 size mini-McCoy 60 diesel
  • Micro Diesel .12 cuin, full-size reproduction
  • 0.5cc size mini-Oliver Tiger (two variations)
  • Yellow Jacket ignition, full-size reproduction
  • Various 0.1 and 0.05cc diesels to his own design

The presentation boxes for Arne's engines were made by Dan Vincent who provided the following snippets about the engines;

The Fox .09 came with and without AH SWEDEN on the case. Several collectors asked Arne if he could make a run of cases without the letters so they could replace their original Fox .59 case. Arne’s case maker thought he meant to remove the letters on all sizes of the Fox so he also removed letters from the smaller .09

Arne made a few different Baby Dyno .25 cc engines with the ABC combo. Some had thin beam mounts others had different length shouldered prop spinner nuts. He did offer a steel cylinder that could be swapped out for easier starting. He never actually made a production run of steel cylinder engines but there are a few that were retro fitted. Arne told me the Dyno will pick up about 500 RPM if you put your finger over one exhaust port.

The K&B .15 Series-64 was modifed by Arne Hende’ to an ABC diesel with a flat top piston and a schneurle-ported type sleeve. Arne said he had this example turning 22,500 on the bench using a Topflyte 5-1/4x3 Power-Prop.

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