Micron 5cc Fixed Compression Diesel

Name Micron 5cm3
Droit and Inversé
Designer unknown
Bore 17mm Stroke 22mm
Type Compression Ignition
(fixed compression)
Capacity 5cc
Production run unknown Country of Origin France
Photo by Bert Streigler Year of manufacture 1943




Bert: This is the big, classic Micron 5cc. It has a small "47" on the edge of the right lug, but no other markings. I have seen these with the intake on top, but most are the inverted intake like mine. Also, some have red heads. The 5 cc came out in 1946, I think, but the small 47 on mine probably indicates the year it was made?

Other feature worthy of note is the spring thing on the tank. This is a cutout. It is resting against an internally spring loaded plunger that will seal off the fuel supply from the tank. The plunger is pulled up until the external spring clicks into a detent, thus keeping the fuel supply open. A tug on the spring arm from a timer releases the plunger, cutting off the supply.

The fixed compression 5cc engines were available in two variants for upright, or inverted operation. This is a version, from David Owen's collection, shows what the Micron catalogue termed the Inversé (inverted) version. The other, featuring an updraft inlet configuration was termed the Droit (right) model. The scans below show the company's catalogue entries for the two engines.

For more information on the operation of fixed compression diesels, see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.




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