Tim Dannel's Workshop

Updated: March 21, 2001
Last Update: July 11, 2011
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As well as publishing the Engine Colectors Journal, Tim is curator and owner of the Model Museum (housed in it's own facility that Betty quite correctly calls the "Toy Room"). Tim says that unlike the other Motor Boys, he prefers to make only two dimensional engines. He also builds very nice models and models of models (the Goldburg Valkyrie photo below spans about 600cm, but Tim has kept one wing of a full size one he made to stupify the curious). He also operates a garden railway when the outside air temperature climbs above sub-zero figures. The two smiling kids in the photo are Tim on the left and yours truly on the right; taken in February 2001.

As well as the ECJ, Tim has poured an enormous amount of work into two reference works which every dedicated model engine collector should have on the shelf. For (mostly) unbiased reviews, follow the links below.


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