Eric Offen's Workshop
Created: March 23, 2007

As well as small IC engines, our Eric builds BIG models and this requires a BIG shop with BIG equipment. Luckily, having spent a life in the machine tool trade, Eric has put together a shop with machinery a tad larger than usually found in your average model engineer's closet. The photos show his milling machines (Beaver and Ajax), lathes (Harrison M300 and Boxford 10.20), plus drill press, band-saw, etc. And everywhere you look there are shelves, drawers, and bins for tooling, material, and projects (like most of us, Eric has several on the go at once). Some of his IC and live steam projects can bee seen in the photos. For more of Eric's completed engines, use the Site Search page and enter "Eric Offen" (with the double quotes).

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