Taipan Series 66 Diesel


Name Taipan Series 66 Diesel Designer Gordon Burford
Type Two stroke, compression ignition Capacity 1.5cc
Production run unknown Country of Origin Ahstralia
Photo by RC Year of manufacture 1966



The Series 66 Taipan 1.5 Diesel is a totally delightfull example of Gordon Burford's engines and to my mind, represents the pinacle of his development program. It is a powerfull, easy starting engine with not a gram more weight than needed, yet rugged enough to withstand the rigours of a beginners attempts (both at starting, and learning to fly). It follows the well developed Taipan design philosophy: steel shaft with a splined prop-driver, riding in a cast iron bushing pressed into an aluminum die cast case fitted with a screw-in backplate. The hardened steel liner screws into the case and has three peripheral exhaust ports cut into a flange that seats the liner. Transfer ports are cut, angling up into the three posts between the exhaust ports giving exhaust/transfer overlap. Poston and contra-piston are cast iron; the con rod is aluminum and an aluminum cooling muff screws onto the liner. One departure from previous designs is the needle and spraybar assembly. Instead of a steel needle in a brass thimble, the Series 66 uses an externally threaded steel needle screwing into an internally threaded brass spraybar--maybe Gordon's haberdasher had at last run out of those #15 steel darning needles that he liked so much!

There is a resemblence of the case to the later Series 67 Glow, with the latter being left shiney, while the 66 is blasted to an attractive matt grey finish. However a close, detailed examination will show that the 66 case has a web between venturi and cylinder mount that is absent on the glow. There is also a small, mysterious flat on the front of the series 66 cylinder mount; again absent on the glow. This engine came to me the long way: via two trips over the Pacific Ocean, as can be seen by the stamp on the instruction leaflette.




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