David-Andersen 246 Mk II

Name DA249 Mk II Designer Jan David-Andersen
Bore 14mm Stroke 16mm
Type Compression Ignition Capacity 2.46cc
Production run unknown Country of Origin Norway
Photo by Jens Eirik Skogstad Year of manufacture 1954



The David-Andersen company is renown for its less conventional compression ignition engines employing adjustable, ecentric crankshaft bearings to adjust the compression (and timing, and desaxé). But the company also made more conventional engines. The DA 2.5 appeared in three marks. The Mk I (1951) had a "D" profile FRV venturi and a "stepped" top to the cooling fins, as seen in the drawing on the instruction leaflet below. The Mk II (1954) retained the "D" venturi protrusion, but added a lightly domed top to the head, with fore-aft cooling fins. The final Mk III model (1955) left the head unchanged from the Mk II, but carried an extended venturi, turned to a circular section [1].


[1] Clanford, M: A Pictorial A-Z of Vintage and Classic Model Airplane Engines, Clan Enterprises, Surru, UK, 1987, p37.




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