Edgar T Westbury Tribute Page

Created : May 2004
Updated : March 2011


Edgar T Westbury is rightly recognized as a pioneer in the field of internal combustion engine design for model use, although his achievements range far broader than that alone. These pages were pieced together as a tribute to the man and his work in this field. From this index page, you can reach lists of ETW's IC engine designs, a biography, select extracts of his prolific writing, and examples of his engines as made by others. Over time, the list will hopefully grow. The heading photo shows ETW on the left, with French engine designer, Gems Suzor on the right, taken at the 1950 Model Engineering Exhibition.


   IC Engine Designs
   Steam and Stirling Designs
   ETW On:


The IC Engine Designs page is the gateway to the individual designs. If the name appears as a hyperlink, you can click on it to drill down into further information and pictures of that particular engine. The photograph shows the Gerry Buck ETW collection. Contrary to popular belief, the engines were not all built by Westbury; ETW made comparitively few of his designs, instead working in collaboration with others who did the machining while Westbury refined and improved the design. Sadly, the Buck collection has been dispersed.



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