London Model Engineering Exhibition 2007

Created: January, 2007
Hastily Updated: Feb 05, 2007
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England is the home of two thriving, dedicated, model engineering magazines; the Model Engineer, and Engineering in Miniature, each of which sponsors an annual exhibition. EIM's eleventh annual "London" show was held at Alexandria Palace over the period January 19-21, 2007.

One of our occasional roving reporters, John Downie, was off spending his children's inheritance prior to the two closely scheduled shows, planning on returning home for the ME exhibition when he read of the cancellation on-line in the December 2006 MEN. So he was able to avoid a wasted trip and reduce the inheritance even further. But he did get back in time to catch EIM's exhibition. Regretably, there was not a lot of IC work on display, and all of those below we've seen before. The NE15S (designed by Malcolm Stride) is the work of Ian Maxwell-Hart from the Tonbridge MES. Ian was also kind enough to supply the photo of Bill Connor's half size 1938-39 350cc Works Velocette racing engine. The factor produced only two of these and one is now believed to be in the USA. The other engines were made by Malcolm Beak and can be found in the Engine Gallery, with a bit of searching.

The non-engine shot shows the rather cheeky banner on the sponsor's booth which unilaterally gazumps the title for leading magazine. We could argue over the accuracy or otherwise of this assertion, as we could about the object in the basket. Is it a scale model of a model engineer, a model engineer in training, the non-workshop output of a model engineer, or your actual model engineer in miniature? Only the Shadow knows...








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