Model IC Engines by Russell Watson-Will
Last Update: Jan 9, 2001

Mr Russel Watson-Will of Fig Tree Pocket, Brisbane, Australia, is a long time modeller and craftsman. Like most model engine builders, he is self-taught and modestly puts the quality of his work down to having been at it a while . Russ generously made his Opposed Twin Cylinder Diesel, which incorporates the best ideas he found in other engines, available for inclusion in the Motor Boys Plan Book. This page is dedicated to Russ for the invaluable help and encouragement he gave me when I started out in this madness, together with his generosity for making his priceless labrary available to me over the years.

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AHC Diesel

Dyno 1 Replica

Dyno 1 Replica
Showing Engraving

Lindburg Hornet
(Schroeder Kit)

Junior Brown Junior
(Schroeder Kit)

Westbury "Kiwi"

Westbury "Ladybird"

"Mighty Midget"
Rebuilt from a cylinder

"Wyvern" 40cc
horizontal petrol engine

Westbury "Sealion"
30cc 4 cyl OHC 4 stroke

RWW and own design Pulse Jet

RWW Design .19

RWW design .23

RWW design .60

Roger Schroeder design
(from ECJ)

Westbury "Seagull"
10cc WC twin

Westbury "Seagull"

Westbury "Craftsman"

Fig Tree Pocket Twin
(plans in Motor Boys Book)






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