Cirrus Construction Log: Cylinder Head

Created: September 2006

And now, The Head. By my rough count, machining involved 326 separate operations, most involving a tool or position change! And I'll tell you a secret right up front. The first big mistake occurs in Photo #2, remaining undiscovered until the operation in Photo #38, even though the head tried to tell me all was not well more then once. The error was easily correctable up until completion of the operation in Photo #20 when it became essentially locked-in. The mistake? I made the blank 4.000" long by 1.250 wide". It should have been only 1.125" wide. As is my (bad) habit, I did virtually zero marking out. All drilling operations were performed using DRO coordinates relative to the block center lines—which is why the problem was not noticed. Oh well... on with the show.

   Machining the Head - Part 1
   Machining the Head - Part 2
   Making the Exhaust Manifold
   Making the Inlet Manifold
   Making the Head Studs

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