London Model Engineer Exhibition 2006

Created: January, 2006
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Once again, we have to thank one of MEN's underpaid roving reporters, John Downie, for visiting the London Model Engineering Exhibition and taking photos to share with us (un-paid is actually more like it).

The show was held over the period January 20 through 22, 2006. John has included shots of the plaques of most of the displays here and commented that making an engine in two scales is easy in CAD, less so in brass! The 9 cylinder radial is interesting. The placard says "Engine modified to resemble Lycoming 680..". Not stated is what it was modified from, which I'll go out on a limb and designate as being the Ageless Engines, Hodgson 9 cylinder radial. The enclosed push rods and rockers are a nice touch though, as is the very comprehensive control panel. I also like the little electric motor with what looks like a Cox plastic three blade prop fitted in front of the Matchless G50 to provide airflow for show running.




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