Bristol Model Engineering Show 2004

The photos on this page were taken at a Model Engineering exhibition held in Bristol (England), August 2004. What caught Nick's camera's attention was the exhibition of the miniture machine tool models on display by Barry Jordan. Regular readers of the Model Engineer and Model Engineer's Workshop magazines will not be strangers to Barry's work, but he may be new to North American readers. All Barry's models a working models. They will cut, turn and drill actual metal. All are made from the solid; there are no castings involved. And all bar one are scale models of real machines. The exception is the mill with the magnifying eyepiece attached (Photo 7). This was made to help make the models. The drill in the bottle is just 3" tall and runs (naturally) though getting material under it would be tricky. Barry mentioned that he is about place his masterpieces "under the hammar" (auction that is) to make room so he make more.

Nick and I especially like the Archdale radial arm drill in Photo 1 as the subject bolted to its table is a KIWI front crankcase casting setup to drill the case bolf holes (though you wouldn't actually drill through with the casting resting on the table, would you?)

The twin was designed and built by Tom Buckland and has flown in a Piper Cub (the nose of the Cub that is). Tom also built the 15cc DeHavilland Cirrus I. We believe he scaled up Eric Whittle 1/9th scale model of this engine that appeared in Engineering in Miniture way back the 90's. That engine had been scaled down by Eric from Merrit Zimmerman's 1/6th scale version printed in SIC (for which Eric did the construction series). Tom is a mere 80 years old.

Finally, Nick snapped the Masco Buzzard replica because it was a new one on him. If it looks vaguely familiar, it should! It's essentially a Sparey 5cc originally sold as a casting kit by the Model Accessories Supplu Co (and perhaps as complete engines too, I think). See the Sparey page for more details. The builder has done a nice job hogging the case and cylinder from the solid.




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