NOTE 1: The drawing set is available from Model Engine Builder magazine directly for $10.00
 plus $2.00 postage.  The building instructions are on the drawings.  
 For foriegn orders please contact them at, or  
                Elmwood Publishing Inc.  
                737 Elmwood Avenue  
                Vallejo, California, 94591   U.S.A.        
NOTE 2: Builders are getting the best engine performance using an O.S. carb available from
Tower Hobbies ( The item to order is OSMG2405
21381000 Carburetor #1A .10 FP.  
Vernal can supply an adapter casting for this carburetor which puts it at the rear where
it is much easier to reach and adjust.        
NOTE 3: DISTRIBUTOR & RELATED parts.   Contact Mike Neal has designed a "Hall Effect"
distributor.    For further information and pricing, please contact Mike at:                 
MjN  Fabrication,  3330  Neal Acres Road,  Dover, FL  33527                                           
(813) 719-3220                                              
NOTE 5: Rimfire Spark Plug  (resembles Champion V-3)                                                       $17.00 ea
(These plugs have superior electrodes, ground is milled with the body. USA made)
Also have Rimfire's new Viper plug #10-40, scale on a 1/4 scale Chevy engine     
      $18.00 each  
Being developed, #6-40 plug for our 2 larger Wasp engines.  
All prices above are PLUS shipping, from $8.00 & up for USA  
  $20.00 and up to the U.K. & Europe  
$30.00 and up to Australia/Asia  
Contact Bruce to verify shipping charges  
  BRUCE SATRA, VERNAL ENGINEERING CO.                                               
   2277  So.  1500 West,  Vernal, UT  84078-4649                                                 
  Phone/FAX  (435) 789-6052   
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