Taipans circa 1961/2

(January 16, 1999, Last update: Nov 28, 2004)
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Not obtained as a pair, but quite similar nevertheless, awaiting restoration. The 2.5 head is badly damaged and may need complete replacement. The 1.5 is not bad, but might as well get the treatment. It also needs a NVA assembly. Making replacement needle valve and spray-bar assemblies is delt with rather thoroughly in the November 2004 issue of Model Engine News Technical Tip. The preparation of heads for re-anodizing is explained briefly in the Bubble-Pack Taipan 1.5 Restoration page, so I'll not repeat myself here.

1961 1.5cc AFTER

Backplate and prop driver got a light skim and the rest of the engine gets a good ultrasonic clean. The prop driver of all Gordons diesels was a press "splined" fit to the crankshaft. These can be removed and refitted, but if you are careful, the front of the shaft can be gripped in the lathe chuck and the case allowed to flop around as the driver is skimmed (naturally with the piston, rod, and liner removed!) The needle here is a genuine item of the correct vintage, although the spring is a bit suspect. The prop nut could stand replacing, but the restored engine is quite attractive for display, or running.

1961 1.5cc AFTER (2005)

I was never completely happy with the anodizing job on the square head, so after finding a supplier who would provide anodizing dyes and other chemicals in less than industrial quantities, the head was redone--brilliantly! The difference was in the preparation, die, and sealing process. Color anodizing is effectively translucent, so the more polished the part, the better the luster. Changing from a steam process to a nickel acetate bath for sealing results in less dye loss from the pores, so again, a deeper color finish.

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