Aeromodelling Collectables and Memorabilia
Last Update: Sep 27, 2004

Note: All prices quoted in US Dollars!

If you are seriously interrested in any of these. Email me and I'll supply detailed description of contents and condition, including photographs of any damage I know of. They are old, rare and delicate and even though I stand by my return policy for these too, I don't want to risk further damage by shipping them around needlessly.

Boxes and Boxes of 'em. R/C Modeller, RCM&E, Radio Modeller, MAN, Flying Models, Aeromodeller, American Aircraft Modeller, Airbourne, Scale R/C Modeller, etc, etc. Let me know what you're after. Price varies depending on rarity/desirability, but figure on 1.00 for 1990, increasing by 1.00 per decade, backwards (gottit?) I prefer to sell by the year, not the issue, so I offer a 12 for 10 discount - buy a year and get 2 issues free!