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The Elmer Wall Tribute Page

Created: Jan 29, 2012.
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Elmer A Wall has been called the father of American model engine building. Elmer was born in Sweden about 1870, emigrating to the USA in 1891. By 1904 he had started designing and making miniature gas engines for his son. From this he built a business which advertised as "Wall's Garage & Machine Shop", 4315 Lincoln Ave, Chicago. Initially he offered castings and drawings, as well as fully assembled engines. In 1931, he had six different designs. By 1938, this had expanded to a catalog containing nine different types and the business had relocated to larger premises at 5625 N Virginia Ave, Chicago.

As well as the casting kits sold through his Chicago business, Elmer contributed designs to magazines such as Modelmaker. His engines, both two and four-stroke, were all spark ignition. In size they ranged from a 12.9cc (the "Featherweight" two-stroke aero), to a 51.4cc, four cylinder, in-line, water-cooled, four-stroke. A feature appearing on many of his kit engines was the incorporation of his logo, "Wall Chicago", cast into some circular part of the engine.

Elmer died in 1947. His designs and patterns subsequently passed through several hands. At this time (2012), you can still obtain some kits for Wall's designs through Coles' Power Models, and the occasional eBay posting. This page is a tribute to his designs and the people who, over the years, have built examples of them. If you have a Wall engine and can send us a photo, we'd be glad to add it to the page, along with the builder's name, if known.


Wall Witch
(Hank Helmen)

Wall Four

Wall Wizard
(Knapp Collection)

Wall 10
Dietmar Kolb

Wall 30
Dietmar Kolb

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For more information on Elmer Wall and his engines, visit Bob's Miniature Engine Site. Mr Reed Martin has an extensive collection of Wall engines. An article about Elmer Wall and Reed's collection appeared in ECJ Issue #144, Volume 25, February 2011.