Pascoe Sleeve Valve Six

Last Update: July, 2004.


Tom Pascoe is a machinist-toolmaker, craftsman, and model eigine designer who loves a challenge. Since retiring from running his own tool and die company in the north of England, he has created a number of truly original model engines, none of which are exactly conventional. The photos on this page were kindly supplied by Ken Croft (Ken and Tom are neighbours who share a love of machining and model engines). This is not the first time Ken has chronicled Tom's work. To save you the search, the References section at the bottom of this page will take you to some of Tom's other creations.

But the engine here is new (as of July 2004), and still under development. After Tom is happy with it, it will get the "Exhibition Finish" treatment--although it looks great to me even as-is here! Here's Ken's description of the engine:

This afternoon I spent some time with Tom running his latest engine, a flat six sleeve valve engine of 39cc. The engine is running well but not yet finished to the exhibition standard that Tom wants. There are some odd ongoing developments that need improvement (he says) and the whole engine needs to be tidied up appearance-wise!

The salient features are that it is not a boxer engine; the cyliders fire in a diagonal pattern. It has spark ignition via a single coil and a distributor using a transisterised Hall effect senser. The engine has two crankshafts geared together, and has a wet sump with a positive pressure lube system. There is a fan built into the engine running at twice crank speed to provide a forced induction system, but this has been abandoned as it does not work, and will be engineered-out of the engine when Tom tidies up the design.

The six cylinders, totalling 39cc, are each based upon the original single cylider sleeve valve engine of approximately 6cc that he made when he first retired some three years ago. The engine turns its 16 inch prop, which is a little small, at a tad under 8,000 rpm. The noise is glorious.



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