Ron Moulton, 1924—2010

The world-wide aeromodelling community was saddened by the recent death of R.G. (Ron) Moulton, who passed away on the morning of the 8th of October, aged 86 years.

Ron was extremely well-known as the face of Aeromodeller for well over 60 years. His 'Model Aero Engine Encyclopaedia', first published in 1958 and reprinted in later years, instantly became the standard engine text for so many aeromodellers. It was a comprehensive guide to model aircraft engines in those days before real specialisation became the norm.

Ron is credited with introducing control-line flying to Britain, following his return from duty in South Africa during WW2. Always an innovative designer and enthusiastic modeller, Ron was a prominent personality at the much-loved Vintage Days at Old Warden. His 'hospitality tent' was mecca for International visitors such as Gordon Burford and myself and he never failed to treat all with good humour, tea and cake.

Ron was insistent on accuracy in published articles and took me to task in no uncertain terms on the occasion I referred to the late Harold Kemp, the designer of the Kemp diesels, as 'Harry'. He insisted no one called Harold, 'Harry'! On another occasion, he chastised Gordon Burford, a great old friend of his, for failing to recognise Frank Ellis as the Elfin designer. This was at the time Gordon built his replica Elfins. The truth was though, that Gordon had never heard of Frank Ellis.

My wife, Celia and I met Ron on several occasions in the last twenty or so years and are greatly saddened by his passing. We were privileged to spend a day and evening with him only a couple of months ago. Though frail, he was in good spirits when we left him at his home in Bushey, where he had lived for many years with his late wife, Betty.

We would like to convey not only our condolences, but those of the Australian aeromodelling community, to Ron's son and daughters and his extended family.

David and Celia Owen, October 28, 2010.

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