The late Duke Fox, of the Fox Manufacturing company, sure knew a thing or two about engines. In the late 1980's he ran a series of what today, we'd call "Info-mercials" in Model Airplane News magazine. These were called duke's mixture. Now naturally, Duke intended these to generate more sales of his motors and he frequently linked whatever technical aspect of model engines he delt with in the column to a particular product you could, and should buy now. That's to be expected.

But not all was crass commercialism. Through the column, also made offers of gift engines to clubs for use in trainers, try before you buy offers, etc. Mostly, the techical advice, tips, and explanations he provided were sound and practical. Below are links to selected columns and extracts which we think are so helpful and timeless, they need to be preserved.

   1987-08: Optimizing nitro content in glow fuel
   1988-06: On crankshaft bearing and cylinder/piston types
   1988-12: On crankcase stuffing
   1989-01: Engine hesitation under acceleration
   1989-08: On glow fuel
   1991-01: It went lean on me...

More biographical information about Duke, including how he got his name, appears in David Janson's review of the 1.2 cuin Fox Twin. Visit the Craftsmanship Museum for Duke's Autobiography.


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