Bert Streigler's Workshop
Last Update: Jan 17, 2001

Bert says:

I thought you needed a little break from the pristine, scrubbed, well-organized shops you have been looking at - so here is where I lurk. This shop started as an old dirt floored tractor barn. My wife's father built it right after he returned from WW I. He served in France and was in the battle of Verdun, among others. This was the first rock structure he ever built. The walls have no footing and were simply laid on top of the ground. We have strong ground here, and the walls were in pretty good shape for having been erected in 1921. I had the arched doors rocked in on both ends of the building, raised the roof from it's original "shed"configuration and poured a concrete floor that is tied to the walls with rebar. It is climatized by a heat pump. Dimensions are 19' wide and 38' long. I have too much stuff in it, including about 2,000 model mags under the bench, two building tables, all my airplane stuff, all my engines two big lathes, a drill press, a mill, welding equipment, my computer and my ranch office. This is not to mention my model book collection, tons of hand tools, etc. Every day I find something new! The only real problem is the dust problem caused partly by the fact my two 90 lb. Labs sleep in the shop. You will see some of the dust in the attached pics. Why don't I dust it, he says? I did just a few days ago. My heavy tools, tractor, mowers, foundry stuff, etc, is in another building.


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