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And a closing, sneaky photo of moi, launching Senator #1, sometime circa 1995/6. This was the first Senator I donated to the Wilds of Wivenhow, last seen heading west and climbing like crazy under full DT. Followed shortly by #2 in similar circumstances (though there's conjecture about whether the silly-putty DT actually went off this time) *sob*.


Bones for a '39 Korda. Finished model never really met its true potential as the motor assisted the back to meet the front on a trimming flight before I'd getten enough right thrust cranked in.



The Garter Knight a free plan in the 1962 Christmas issue of Aeromodeller. Seen here before serious tissue fading set in. Still proved capable of a string of max's at the state coupe champs though.



This, as many will recognize is a Kiel Kraft Slicker 42, vintage 1947. Well vintage 2001 actually, but the plan says 1947! It's been built so I can fly a few of those nice little 1cc diesels I've been building, like the Millennium Sparey, Weaver and the Vivell.





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