Model Engines of Unknown Origin

Last update: January, 2013
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It's not at all unusual for members of our little group to be asked to identify rare engines from time to time. Being blessed with an official historian, some genuine experts and a guy who claims his knowledge comes about by being "older than dirt", our collective wisdom can usually identify commercial products. But model engineers being what they are, there are one-of-a-kinds so good they look like mass produced engines, plus factory prototypes that can defy clear identification. In MECA parlance, these are termed "watzits" for "what in the pink blue blazes is that, where did you get it, and how much will you take for it?"

These pages contain pictures and information regarding some of the more obscure and intriguing examples of this sort. You can use the index below to go to individual entries, or click here to step through the pages themselves. If you can add to the information, please email us.