Schroeder Simple Twin Construction.








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In late 1996 I collaborated with Roger Schroeder to build a second prototype of his latest design for a simple, horizontally opposed twin glow engine based on Cox cylinder/piston units. A series of construction articles featuring this project was subsequently published in SIC, along with photos I took during construction. I think it proved I'm a better engine builder than photographer (and I'm not that much of an engine builder!). All were taken with an elderly Cannon AE-1 using a shoe mounted flash which, when it worked, pointed someplace not at the subject. The film was drug store processed, then scanned with a little micky-mouse 6x4 scanner. But enough excuses...

While bordering on acceptable, a lot of the photos that subsequently appeared in SIC were a bit "dark", so here they are in all their colored and blured glory. I'm not going to repeat the copious works Roger delivered on the subject - that properly belongs to and in SIC, but back copies of the magazine are available from the editor, Mr Bob Washburn.




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