History of Additions and Changes

When What
Mar 06 , 2003 Editorial for March added and a new page for BFFS 2003 activities plus data on Elfin 149 added.
Dec 11 , 2002 New editorial for December and new engine--the Speed Demon added to the Engine Finder.
Sep 11 , 2002 Editorial for September added and August's archived. Belmont Imp (perhaps!) added to the Engine Finder and yet more on building the Morton M5 (so much for finishing them in August -- maybe by Xmas?).
Aug 01 , 2002 New editorial for August (which you should have seen by now). Also many, many updates on the M5 Construction added during the month.
Jul 21 , 2002 Report on Qld State F1G Champs at Koominya, and more on building the Morton M5.
Jul 16 , 2002 New entries in the Gallery and some progress on the Morton/Satra M5 Project. New entry in the FAQ on how to start "diesel" engines.
Jul 11 , 2002 Update and correction to July's editorial (hence the "July bis"). Woking Precision added to links and more on building the Morton M5.
Jul 9 , 2002 Total re-arrangement of the Morton M5 Project to separate Morton, Satra and common components.
Jul 7 , 2002 New Front page with Editorial and News items launched. This should get updated every month. Section on valve making added to the Morton M5 construction article.
Jul 3 , 2002 A tribute page to Eric Offen's Magnificant Elf Project added, plus a report on the BFFS Big Bird contest for 2002 and a little more progress on the Morton M5 Project.
Jun 26 , 2002 Deezil article finished at last (sorry about poor color saturation in conversions from 35mm color reversals) and new page detailing construction of a Morton M5 added.
Jun 26 , 2002 Deezil article finished at last (sorry about poor color saturation in conversions from 35mm color reversals) and new page detailing construction of a Morton M5 added.
Jun 16 , 2002 Details of a back-stop for lathe chucks, faceplates and collets added to the Model Engineering Projects page and new photos added to the Midge page.
Jun 10 , 2002 New page for beginners details construction of a ML Midge Crankcase from solid aluminum, noting things which are important and things that are not. The Construction Projects page has also been revamped and expanded to index all "construction" type articles on the site.
Jun 5 , 2002 New addition to the FAQ, more Morton stuff and a new link for control line plans.
Jun 1 , 2002 A long overdue correction to the Morton M5 page (my description had the cam rotating the wrong way, at the wrong speed!), plus some more photos and words.
May 18, 2002 New engines in the Engine Finder: Redhead Dynajet, Elf 10 and Elf reed-valve 4. Extra info and pics added to the Elf "piped" twin page. New photos and firing order data added to the Morton M5 page.
May 16, 2002 Update to the BFFS page of the 2002 contest year, and an new QnA added to the FAQ page.
May 7, 2002 New 2002 page for the BFFS section and some preliminary pics of my version of the ML Midge 0.8cc diesel.
Apr 30, 2002 Update on a Watzit, a new engine (the Midge in Engine Finder, and a new major left-frame link FAQ for the long overdue Frequently Asked Questions Page and a link to the Historical Engine Society
Apr 29, 2002 Progress on the Delong Diesel, at long last. Includes some rambling about roughing out. Plus two more Watzits.
Apr 25, 2002 A new Watzit (we thought we knew, at first...) and lots of new engines in the Engine Finder: Kiel K6, ED super Hunter, Kalper replica, Anderson Baby Spitfire, Viking 1, Westbury Pheonix and new Morton M5 pics.
Feb 24, 2002 Complete article on building and flying the Superba 2220 F1A model. Back to Engine Building now...
Feb 12, 2002 Building the W-Hobby Superba 2220 F1A model added as a link from the BFFS page. Additional link to Col Sumers' AOL BFFS page added to my BFFS page (confused yet?) which now needs a severe overhaul.
Suppliment: table summerizing FAI F1 Codes added.
Jan 9, 2002 Story and pics of Stan Pilgrim's Elf 10 Diesel added. Schneurle ported, drum induction Oliver Tiger Cub (only known example) added to Engine Finder. A really odd Whatzit added to the Whatzits and some pictures of engines at the Midlands Model Engineering Show for 2001 added.
Dec 9, 2001 After a long absense, at last! New material! Go see some actual progress on the Sparey Twin. And thanks to Barrie Wade of the UK, the Great Sparey Mystery is probably solved. Have a look at the link in the Sparey Story.
Jun 19, 2001 Update to the AHC story shows first production batch.
Jun 12, 2001 New addition to the Watsits file. Any help on identifying this beast would be much appreciated. New links added to the links page.
Jun 6, 2001 Four new kits added to Roger Schroeder's Classic Engines catalog. Three of these engines require plans appearing only in the Motor Boy's Plan Book to complete. The fourth (Weaver) is a new Motor Boy design and includes the plan.
May 8, 2001 Extra info and pics added to the M5 index card; new pics of progress on the AHC Diesel Project, and a reorginization of the left navigation side bar, replacing the old "PRIME '99" button with a page dedicated to Shows, Exhibitions and Museums. Old info referenced from here, along with a new page containing pics from the San Diego Air and Space Museum to satisfy my rotary engine fixation...
May 2, 2001 Total revamp of the AHC Diesel Project page(s) with info on the first Australian Production run and the Red Racer variant..
Apr 27, 2001 More pictures and *lots* of words added to the AHC Diesel Project. Some dead links removed from the link page (Model Engine World's web page for instance).
Apr 12, 2001 New major menu item added to link to the AHC Diesel Project.
Apr 10, 2001 Lots of new engines in the Engine Finder (too many to list, most have "France" after them). New pics added to the Brisbane Thunderbirds C/L page. New links on the links page too. More Elf pics in the Gallery.
Mar 22, 2001 Revision to the Weaver front page to show examples from both sides of the Atlantic. Fixed picture reference problems on the Prototype Taplin Twin page.
Mar 21, 2001 More new engines (Morton M5, MK16, GB50 diesel and glow) added to the Engine Finder. New photos and a Member email list plus contest calandar added to the BFFS page. Photos of The Model Museum added to the Motor Boys page.
Mar 9, 2001 The broken cgi script that was preventing the Engine Finder from working is now fixed (I hate Perl!). New engines added: BE4, Embee, Fuji, Fits, Gil Aero, Mamiya, Milford and a bevy of Hopes.
Jan 32, 2001 Update to Sparey Twin progress and another photo for the Sparey Story page.
Jan 17, 2001 Shots of Bert Striegler's shop added to the Motor Boys' page. New engines added to the Finder and Gallery.
Jan 15, 2001 Restoration on Bubble Pack Taipan and square head Taipan 1.5 completed; pictures of my own workshop added. Members plan list added to BFFS page. Last word corrections to the Sparey History (honest!).
Jan 13, 2001 Big reorg of site subdirectory structure (please tell me about broken links and other funny stuff). Added shop pictures for some of some of the Motor Boys, and updates the engine restorations page.
Jan 10, 2001 Added a Tribute Page to Mr Russell Watson-Will, with link from the Gallery page. Created a page for the Thunderbirds C/L club and, *big sigh* added even more new material and corrections to the Sparey History.
Jan 6, 2001 Yet More Amendments to the Sparey History and Qld State FF Scale Champs photos added to the BFFS page.
Jan 8, 2001 The Millennial Sparey completed, plus more additions and corrections to the Lawrence H Sparey story. Some shots and prcious lettle text for a pair of recently Stuart steam engines alos added for variety.
Jan 6, 2001 New engines (18) added to the Engine Finder page. Scholarship of the Sparey History improved with new data and corrections of errors.
Jan 5, 2001 The Big One. Basic redesign of site to use frames. A "noframes" version is there, but will not be updated and so may be unreliable as the site evolves. I *think* I've removed all Back links that can cause recursive frame loading, but if I've messed any, please let me know.
Jan 4, 2001 A WAV download file added to the Delong 29 page (hear it run!!!).
Jan 3, 2001 The Vivell 09 Story brought to a conclusion (at last!), new entries placed in the Gallery, many,many new engines put into the engine finder on the Home Page, and the new Motor Boy project, the Delong Diesel added.
Jan 2, 2001 Added pages specifically for Laurence Sparey's engines and our Sparey inline twin "Tribute" design. Profi engines added to the Gallery.
Oct 24, 2000 More pictures from Ken Croft (UK) showing some astounding model (!?) engines, and more pictures added to the Brisbane Free Flight Society page.
Sep 25, 2000 Finalized the Prototype Taplin Twin project with first test run shots and preliminary performance data.
Sep 21, 2000 More progress on the Prototype Taplin Twin project and some shots and commentary on the Queensland State F1G Champs added to the Brisbane Free Flight Society page.
Sep 11, 2000 Update on Prototype Taplin Twin project and fixed about 273 typos in the earlier text.
Aug 30, 2000 Added pics of Eric Offen's Elf project(s) to the Gallery.
July 5, 2000 Added new page dedicated to Vivell Engines. Changed incorrect info regarding Oliver Cub designations (thanks Stan!). Added Ken Croft's "Little Briton" to the Gallery page.
June 19, 2000 Added Oliver Tiger Cub Mk II to the Restorations page.
June 16, 2000 Added more entries to the "Watzits"!? page.
June 14, 2000 Rearranged the Model Engineering Page and added a page detailing modifications to my Myford.
June 8, 2000 New page shows "Watzits"!?. Updated Motor Boys Page and added the price of our book to the Home Page.
May 12, 2000 Added a page of pictures from the Harrowgate Model Engineering Exhibition provided by Ken Croft.
May 11, 2000 Added pics of Loftquist diesel, ED249 and blue head Clan to the Gallery page.
May 6, 2000 Added photo of Westbury Atom Minor Mk III and corrected URL for Carr Precision on the Links Page.
May 6, 2000 Added pics of Elf and Clan engines to the Gallery page, plus new stuff on the Taplin project and revamped the Nano article and Deezil story to use for-real thumbnails. Also placed the Schroeder Simple Twin construction photos on display.
May 4, 2000 Added Original Ohlsson page and inserted into engine finder.
May 2, 2000 Added new page for the Taplin Twin Prototype Replica project and inserted experimental CGI widgets to home page for indexed engine locator.
Mar 29, 2000 Added info on fuel tanks for small diesels in page 7 of the Weaver log. Also added new pictures to the Gallery page.
Mar 20, 2000 Added some new FF photos taken at the Queensland Y2K State A1 chanmps.
Mar 9, 2000 Added more photos to page 6 of the Weaver log.
Mar 7, 2000 Added lap and hone details to page 6 of the Weaver log.
Mar 3, 2000 Added GB5CC to the Gallery page.
Jan 19, 2000 Began Page 6 of the Weaver log.
Jan 4, 2000 Completed Part 5 of the Weaver log.
Dec 17, 1999 Added a new page called Gallery to showcase other builder's work.
Dec 15, 1999 Added the "Victor 09" kit to Roger Schroeder's page. Added Page 5 of the Weaver log.
Dec 1, 1999 Added EZE-RV construction log and completed Page 4 of the Weaver log.
Nov 17, 1999 Revised the format of Sell, Trade, Wanted section and added Homebuilt Aircraft section.
Nov 16 1999 Update to the EZE-2 construction logChange family photo on EZE index page.
Nov 10, 1999 Completed the EZE-3 building report and drawing roast.
Nov 5, 1999 Added to the EZE-3 construction log and started using real thumbnails to reduce load time. Roger Schoeder's article on engine building updated with dwel info.
Nov 4, 1999 Expanded the EZE section to cover EZE-1 and EZE-3 (EZE-2 on the way)
Nov 2, 1999 Revised Weaver Construction Log yet again, correcting historical error and adding new sections on cylinder and backplate construction.
Nov 1, 1999 Added new page (2) to the Weaver Construction Log
Nov 1, 1999 Added BFFS page
Oct 29, 1999 Added Kits Section to "For Sale" stuff and updated sold items.
Oct 25, 1999 Added link to Strictly IC new web site to the links page. Fix incorrect photo links in PRIME 99 page and add SIC link directly to text.
Oct 19, 1999 Added Fox 36RX (N) to engines for sale page.
Oct 18, 1999 Changed pics of Schroeder twin (now correctly shows the 040 twin) and Deezil kit parts on Roger Schroeder's page
Oct 15, 1999 Added pic of the completed "First Brown" and changed kit pic on Roger Schroeder's page
Oct 14, 1999 Added pic of the completed Lindburg Hornet and changed kit pic of Roger Schroeder's page
Oct 13, 1999 Added pics of the Junior Brown Junior and kit to Roger Schroeder's page and updated his text on How to Build an Engine. Made corrections to PRIME 99 text.
Oct 12, 1999 Added a report with photos on PRIME 99 (Pacific Rim Model Engineering Exhibition), held Eugene, OR in September 1999.
Oct 12, 1999 Added pics of Midget Gas Engine and kit to Roger Schroeder's page.
Oct 12, 1999 Added designers response to EZE-1 article
Sep 17, 1999 Added pic of First Brown kit to Roger Schroeder's page. Changed Deezil picture to a less blurred one.
Sep 16, 1999 Added Catalog Page for Roger Schroeder's Kits.
Sep 15, 1999 Change format of page to use table
Sep 9, 1999 Added The Gotham Hobby Deezil story. (under construction)
Sep 7, 1999 Added Taipan 2.5cc restoration page
Sep 7, 1999 Added Taipan Tyro restoration project
Sep 6, 1999 Added the "Nano" 0.1cc diesel page. Brief article, with all engine parts.
Sep 6, 1999 Added the "Weaver" 1cc diesel Construction Log