Name ZOM Mk 2 & 3 Designer unknown
Type Compression Ignition and Glow Capacity 1.49cc and .15cuin
Production run unknown Country of Origin Spain
Photos by Bert Streigler, Tim Dannels, David Owen Year of manufacture unknown



I'm sorry to say we know next to nothing about these engines, apart from their country of origin: Spain. The three examples shown are in the collections of Bert Streigler (the Mk 3 .15 diesel), David Owen (the Mk 2 .15 diesel) and Tim Dannels (.09 glow).

From the details on the very colorful and attractive box top of Bert's Mk 3 engine, we see the bore and stroke given as 14.16mm and 15.87mm, for a displacement of 2.49cc (0.1524 cuin). Unusual figures for a continental design, as 15.87 is 0.624" (0.001 under 5/8"). The bore is 0.558", probably chosen to get the required displacement after the stroke was decided on. I'd have expected nice round metric figures for these (like the standard figures of 15mm bore and 14mm stroke; slightly 'over-square' for 2.474cc displacement). Instead we have an under-square set of sizes that are neither fish nor fowl, as it were. It's a very attractive engine though. The Box top of the Mk 3 also shows a connection with the Spanish kit manufacturer Modelhob.

We'd sure appreciate hearing from anyone who can tell us more about the history of the company or individual who made them, and the engines temselves.




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