Engines at Midland, 2003

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CNC Everywhere (1)

CNC Everywhere (2)

Eric Offen's engines

Flat four

Freelance Vee twin

Various freelance designs

Gordon Cornell's CNC case

Hotair engines


Tom Pasco's sleeve valve radial

Sleeve valve radial rear

A Westbury Sea Lion


Tiny freelance ignition (1)

Tiny freelance ignition (2)

Make me an offer...

..but not as we know it..

Rolls Royce Eagle

These pictures were taken in October taken by Ken Croft at the 2003 Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition (notice the Eagle?). The exhibition is *huge* and Ken has restrained his coverage to the model IC engine exhibits, plus a few others that we can wave our arms over and declare to be of allied interest (have you noticed the Eagle yet?). The trend towards greater use of amateur CNC is evident, reflecting the improving affordability of retro-fit packages, and low-end purpose built equipment (Look at the BLOODY EAGLE NOW!!).

The star to my mind, and any other concious entity, would have to be Barrington Hares' Rolls Royce Eagle. This was exhibited, near complete this year, in a glass case. But by using a long exposure time, stabilized lense, and professional experience, Ken has taken a series of super shots which have been collected into an Eagle Tribute Page. Looking at this work is a humbling experience.





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