Gig Eifflaender Tribute Page

Created: June 2006


Gig Efflaender (July 5, 1922 - December 1, 2005) was the designer and initial driving force behind the long-lived PAW series of diesel engines. Gig's PAW's have now been in continuous production since 1957, although the company itself began operations during WWII. The company, Progress Aero Works of Cheshire, England remains in good and strong hands with Gig's sons, Paul and Tony. They will continue to produce the high quality diesels that PAW are justly famous for.

Motor Boy David Owen, Australian engine designer and builder, was an agent for PAW engines. He has this to say about Gig:

In my opinion, Gig was both a pioneer and a contemporary in the sense that he produced diesel engines of his own unique design not that long after World War II, and was still in production in 2006. His contribution to both sport and competition aeromodelling in the UK was immense, in my opinion. The fact that PAW was there providing back-up, advice and service all those years gave tremendous confidence to all those who used his engines.

As a distributor of his engines for nearly 30 years, I can attest to Gig's unfailing honesty and integrity, coupled with his good humor, in all our dealings. I have no doubt that Tony and Paul and their families will carry on in exactly the same manner.

The following words have been provided by Model Engine News readers to remember and celebrate his contributions to the field of model engines.



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